A collection of reviews from various productions of FAME the musical.

“There are some fantastic dance numbers choreographed by Gary Lloyd, among them an ensemble flamenco piece with all the trimmings, and the aggressively catchy ‘Dancing On The Sidewalk’. Wisely, Flynn and co refrain from using the title song as a reprise throughout the show, so that when it comes it has real impact, and doesn’t overshadow Jacques Levy’s other, equally good lyrics. However, some of these are cheesy, particularly ‘These Are My Children’. Except when delivered by Sheila Ferguson, former lead singer of The Three Degrees who plays Esther Sherman the English Teacher, in which case they become the most powerful and affecting in the show.”

The Irish Independent reviewing the UK tour.

“The production was never going to win an Olivier for Services to Finesse – how could it with that many leg-warmers, patchwork floppy hats and back-to-front baseball caps on show? But the energy expended – especially on a hot night – was astonishing. It was exhausting just to watch; by the end we felt as if we had just gone 12 rounds with Eubank – and we were merely the audience…In the end, though, it was a case of “Never mind the plot, feel the show- stoppers.” Saving the best till last, the encore of the title song was delivered from the roof of a New York yellow cab, which drove on stage through a cloud of dry ice. Eat your heart out, Miss Saigon.”

The Independent reviewing the original production in 1995. 

“New York’s School for the Performing Arts must be suffering from some kind of talent shortage this semester. That’s what you’d think, anyway, having witnessed the students in Fame the Musical. They’re an uninspiring bunch, who often look lumpish in the dancing department, off-key in singing, and decidedly wooden when it comes to drama…Still, these are small crimes compared with those perpetrated by the creators of this misbegotten show. If anyone deserves to flunk out, its these guys, for dreaming up the collection of dim-witted songs and lycra-thin plot lines in the first place.”

Whatsonstage, 1998 Production at the Prince of Wales Theatre

“Plenty of hard work has clearly gone into this tight and energetic production of Fame the Musical. With a slight reworking of the choreography by director Karen Bruce from her previous tours, the ensemble set about their dance routines with precision and attention to detail…Intelligent structuring – and the inclusion of Fame itself – gets the audience on their feet and away home happy. Yet it is without the satisfaction of a story well told.”

The Stage Online, 2009 UK tour

7 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Alan

    Dont believe what the critics say its the public who know whats good–Never seen it in London BUT every time it came on tour to Birmingham Hippodrome or other near theatres have been to see it. Love It, Love It Love It !!!! it is so vibrant with the cast loving every minute of the performance and such energy. Never mind it going to London all the time PUT IT ON TOUR FROM THE START. I am now 68 yrs old and cant get enough of Fame The Musical — Knock other shows into a cocked hat — revive it now for 2013 and keep the songs and routines the same as the original stage version. I also wish the management // marketing would produce a Video/DVD of the stage performance FAME IS JUST BRILLIANT!!

  2. Lynn

    Fame – Absolutely amazing! loved it from start to finish when I saw it several years ago in the West End in London. It was BRILLIANT. I can never get enough of Fame. I love the soundtrack and have always hoped i’d get to see it again. Please Bring it Back!!
    So really hoping to see it for ‘summer season special’ in London for 2013!

  3. Shane Stokes

    I saw Fame several times during its time in the West End. I saw it with Lorraine Velez I also brought her version of Fame as a CD single as well it was a brilliant version of the song she did it proud.

    I have also seen Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (Flashdance, Grease & SNF), Ian H Watkins & Natalie Casey (The Wedding Singer & 9 To 5) they were all brilliantin the their roles

    I am looking forward to seeing the show at Regent Theatre Stoke I cant wait its going to live forever

  4. Parent

    The writers of this show should be put on trial for crimes against drama, or possibly even against humanuty. This show is dire. The Charecterisation is weaker even than the paper thin plot, all tied together with some really poor songs. The song Teachers has got to be one of the worst songs ever written, it is pure corn coated in saccherine. The Schlocky Horror Show.

  5. Alex

    I can’t say I liked this musical, the plot was thin. The songs were great, but the characters always feel underdeveloped.

  6. Liam

    Saw it in Aylesbury and the cast were spectacular, we enjoyed most of the music ( I personally thought one of the songs was dire). Please note that it’s nothing like the TV series. We took all our kids and I’m no prude but sitting with children under 10 and listening to men singing about erections was too much. Sadly modernised now means crude. The TV show had adult themes but they weren’t in your face, we were hoping this could be enjoyed by all, sadly not.
    Time for theatre age ratings by law, at least then you will be aware of issues.


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